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Hey! I’m currently in the middle of writing a report on Handmade Vs Mass produced gifts/cards for my Professional Studies module at uni…and I would be so grateful if my lovely followers could answer it for me and help me out!

Won’t take long because there aren’t many questions :)

Thanks guys!!!

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Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

It appears to be the time to do another post for you lovely followers! The past week I have been…how to put it with out swearing…not with it…heads been a bit all over the place with personal issues etc. so it’s been a tough week! But that aside, uni has been okay :) I’ve been working on setting out patterns using the half and full drop grid layouts. If I’m completely honest it’s been a nightmare! Fun…but very time consuming and irritating. So far I have 3 layouts done…the first one being my preferred layout!




The second and third layouts really mashed my head! I was forever moving the images about until I found what I thought were the perfect places. I have one more to do which will be a full drop…but whether I’ll manage to do it without driving myself mad is another matter! I’m quite looking forward to the next fortnight (mainly because it’s the run up to Easter holidays) but it’s going to be packed with work. I also need to catch up with embroidery, so depending on my Sunday plans I think I may need to pick up my needle and thread!
Anyhow, it’s late and I’m currently using the WordPress app…posting from my bed whilst watching Bridget Jones! Thinking it could be sleep time! Hopefully I’ll be able to drop a few more posts later :)
I bid you all a goodnight/good morning wherever you are in the world!

Repeat – Zimmer + Rohde

Repeat patterns are key to interior furnishing fabrics. Whilst researching, I remembered a showroom I visited whilst at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre in London… Zimmer + Rohde. There are some beautiful fabrics within their collections…inspiration madness!

I’ve screen shotted some of the patterns to share on here…but also so I can use them as research in my sketchbook (when I eventually get round to filling it).

My favourite collection so far is the Etamine Paris collection. It’s bright, bold, funky and inviting. It looks amazing…

Screenshot 2014-03-18 18.33.17 Screenshot 2014-03-18 18.35.20 Screenshot 2014-03-18 18.38.07

They all make me think about how I should lay my pattern out…how to incorporate elements and potential colour schemes.


Having so much fun searching Pinterest right now! I’ve decided to start using it for inspiration for my pattern design…I’ve managed to find these wonderful fabric patterns, all using orchids in different ways. I adore the first image, mainly because of the subtle muted colours and the mixture of different types of orchids. It’s a happy and busy pattern which I would love to have around my house…

Covington Wild Orchid Fabric - $18.15 |

Now, this second image is more linear…doesn’t really appeal to me, but it’s another design style which is pretty simple and effective…

Furoshiki Orchid (Fabric)

And this last one is just a clustered repeat pattern which is bright and colourful. I don’t think I would particularly want this in my house, but each to their own…I’m sure someone would have it! It’s just another pure source of inspiration for me to consider!

TROPICAL ORCHID fabric by garwooddesigns on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Print for Furnishing Fabric – Part 1

Well, it’s that time again! Paint brushes and watercolours and inks have been well and truly used over the last week and a bit. This half of the module is all about print for furnishing/interiors. I decided to focus on just the flowers…mainly orchids because they’re Ethereal in themselves. I’ve been busy busy busy!!

Here are a few pics of my completed paintings…

wpid-IMAG1793.jpg wpid-IMAG1794.jpg wpid-IMG_20140314_234122.jpg wpid-IMAG1799.jpg wpid-IMAG1808.jpg wpid-IMG_20140317_231055.jpg wpid-IMAG1809.jpg

I can only say I’m now fed up of painting! At least the next few weeks before easter are going to be fun…lots of tracing and creating images out of what I have already drawn…

Safe to say I’m looking forward to it all! 2 weeks left after this one before easter :D


Fashion Embroidery – part 3

Nice relaxing day again today :) Being in the sewing room on the machines really does seem to calm me down/ de-stress me! The banter between friends is always top notch as well!

Me being me, I forgot my skirt final piece of fabric today, so I decided to do the  bonded appliqué  and stitching on the Narcissus on my top…

I used silk twill (undyed) and 2 shades of grey & green for the stitching…

It’s not quite finished because I still have to do the hand embroidered centres.


I also started on the water soluble orchid heads for my skirt…


These aren’t finished either, but hopefully by the end of the weekend they will be ready to be hand stitched onto my layout!

Exotic Embroidery…ish! – part 2

Today I have spent all morning and most of the afternoon drilling the sewing machine. It’s pretty much a standard day activity right now! I love it!
I’ve managed to complete all the machine embroidery on my aplique flower for my final skirt design :) all I need now is to do a bit of hand embroidery up the center…

About 3 different shades of red, a pink, a salmony colour…and a white/silver metallic thread were used to stitch…




I have used Habotai Silk for my background…and silk Crepe de Chime for the aplique…
Can’t wait to get it finished :D