Plato’s Atlantis

OMG! Who would have thought coming up with a concept for my first uni project of second year would be so hard! It’s literally taken me 2 months to figure out exactly what I want to do. I just really hoping it will work out like I have imagined it to! The biggest task is filling a sketchbook and showing how it all fits together…lets just say I will definately be in need of my break away to London by the time it comes! (only 38 days left…not like I’m counting or anything)

Anyhow all I have done today and most of the night is research. Finding things to do with each part of my concept is easy…but looking at them and trying to work out how to move on is the tricky part. So far I have managed to find some amazing inspiration from Alexander McQueens’ S/S 2010 ready to wear collection which lends it’s name to this post title. I am truly amazed by each design…and putting two and two together just gels really well.

Let me show you:-






Who knew nature and fashion went really well together! I’m in love…literally! This is just the start of what I hope to achieve…

Fingers crossed ‘ey!

Guess Who’s Back!!

Well, after an annoying couple of months without proper working internet I’m finally back :D I honestly can’t say how annoying it has been not being able to post to you all! 

On another note, I’ve finished my first uni year :D woo! Only 2 left :D 

We have all been given a project to do over the holidays, so I’ve decided that it’s now time to start filling my sketchbook! Creating a concept is harder than I thought! I have a rough idea, but watch this space…IT WILL CHANGE! Ha! 

Anyway I shall be posting more from now, stuff to do with my concept as well :D 

Stay tuned!

TTFN!! x

Internet problems…NEVER ENDING!!

I’ve had never ending problems with the internet and actually being able to access my blog…we are getting it all sorted and hopefully it will be back up and running fully so I can start being able to post more during summer and obviously next year! Going to keep my fingers crossed!!!!

SURVEY/QUESTIONNAIRE! Please fill out! :)

Hey! I’m currently in the middle of writing a report on Handmade Vs Mass produced gifts/cards for my Professional Studies module at uni…and I would be so grateful if my lovely followers could answer it for me and help me out!

Won’t take long because there aren’t many questions :)

Thanks guys!!!

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Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

It appears to be the time to do another post for you lovely followers! The past week I have been…how to put it with out swearing…not with it…heads been a bit all over the place with personal issues etc. so it’s been a tough week! But that aside, uni has been okay :) I’ve been working on setting out patterns using the half and full drop grid layouts. If I’m completely honest it’s been a nightmare! Fun…but very time consuming and irritating. So far I have 3 layouts done…the first one being my preferred layout!




The second and third layouts really mashed my head! I was forever moving the images about until I found what I thought were the perfect places. I have one more to do which will be a full drop…but whether I’ll manage to do it without driving myself mad is another matter! I’m quite looking forward to the next fortnight (mainly because it’s the run up to Easter holidays) but it’s going to be packed with work. I also need to catch up with embroidery, so depending on my Sunday plans I think I may need to pick up my needle and thread!
Anyhow, it’s late and I’m currently using the WordPress app…posting from my bed whilst watching Bridget Jones! Thinking it could be sleep time! Hopefully I’ll be able to drop a few more posts later :)
I bid you all a goodnight/good morning wherever you are in the world!