Notting Hill 2014

I apologise for the lack of posting recently. I’ve been busy with work and I’ve also been away for the bank holiday weekend. Travelled down to London on Friday and came back soaked through early last night. Lots and lots of photos have been taken! Yesterday especially. Me and my other half spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon down at Notting Hill Carnival 2014. Despite the rain, everyone still had amazing spirit and happiness about them! The performers we saw were awesome! The costumes etc. were simply stunning. Hats off to the women who were in next to nothing in the cold wet weather! The atmosphere was brilliant and I managed to snap some research for my uni project :) My idea has also changed over the weekend with various visits to different places so I best get back to it and try to pull it all together! Only have a few weeks before I’m back…

I shall leave you with some photos from this years carnival fun!



IMG_5580 IMG_5589 IMG_5623 IMG_5629 IMG_5711 IMG_5715 IMG_5736 IMG_5738 IMG_5748 IMG_5785 IMG_5774 IMG_5921

I’m So Excited!

Haha bit of a cliche title for this post buy hey!
Friday the 22nd cannot come any quicker! Got an early ish start…well depends if you want to call a 7.50am train an early start! Then the rest of the day is going to be spent at the zoo collecting more research and photos for my summer project :D ahhh I LOVE being a photographer!

I’ve missed seeing my lil friends (I’m not sad I swear…I just love animals :) ) here’s some photos I took last year when I went down…most of the animals were sleeping but the ones that were awake were just amazing!






The primates were adorable! The only thing is, you had to watch your belongings…and the girls had to watch their hair accessories! One had even nicked some kids sunglasses! I love the fact they’re in an open enclosure and people can just walk in and out and watch them in their home…far too cute!

So it’s late and I’m in company tonight having a few drinks…just chilling after a tough week!
I’m out for the weekend due to work etc. so I shall be back posting everyday on Monday :D internet has finally been fully restored at home too! Woop!

Nighttt everyone!

The Final Stage Of The Countdown Begins!

The final month of my countdown has finally come around! With less than 30 days before I go back down to London for a jam packed 4 days. This year, August bank holiday will be one I will never forget (hopefully). I have company in the form of my other half who has never been to the capital before…should be interesting. I heard on the grapevine (well, from my brother) that a certain carnival was coming up. I’m pleased to say I have managed to book our stay so that it overlaps with Notting Hill, the UK’s largest street carnival. I’m hoping to get some good snaps as part of my research. It’s all about the style, culture, embellishment, feathers and the beautiful bright, bold colours! Hopefully I will have something to work from…*looks around the room…it’s dark*

Planning a visit is hard. There’s so much to see and do, most of which can be done spontaneously…others need careful planning. I cannot wait to be able to show the other half why I LOVE London so much. See, he’s a country boy. Born in the sticks of North Yorkshire…a little village just outside of Bedale. A heart for the countryside…not the busy city life. Whereas I’m a country girl, born in the county town of North Yorkshire…but living with a metropolitan heart. The hustle and bustle of city life motivates me in ways a small quiet town fails to do.

Anyway, excitement is kicking in and there’s lots still to sort out, so I shall leave you all with some inspirational photos of the carnival which I found on Pinterest!





image – Notting Hill/ Notting Hill Carnival

Plato’s Atlantis

OMG! Who would have thought coming up with a concept for my first uni project of second year would be so hard! It’s literally taken me 2 months to figure out exactly what I want to do. I just really hoping it will work out like I have imagined it to! The biggest task is filling a sketchbook and showing how it all fits together…lets just say I will definately be in need of my break away to London by the time it comes! (only 38 days left…not like I’m counting or anything)

Anyhow all I have done today and most of the night is research. Finding things to do with each part of my concept is easy…but looking at them and trying to work out how to move on is the tricky part. So far I have managed to find some amazing inspiration from Alexander McQueens’ S/S 2010 ready to wear collection which lends it’s name to this post title. I am truly amazed by each design…and putting two and two together just gels really well.

Let me show you:-






Who knew nature and fashion went really well together! I’m in love…literally! This is just the start of what I hope to achieve…

Fingers crossed ‘ey!

Guess Who’s Back!!

Well, after an annoying couple of months without proper working internet I’m finally back :D I honestly can’t say how annoying it has been not being able to post to you all! 

On another note, I’ve finished my first uni year :D woo! Only 2 left :D 

We have all been given a project to do over the holidays, so I’ve decided that it’s now time to start filling my sketchbook! Creating a concept is harder than I thought! I have a rough idea, but watch this space…IT WILL CHANGE! Ha! 

Anyway I shall be posting more from now, stuff to do with my concept as well :D 

Stay tuned!

TTFN!! x