Does Colour Help People To Decide When Clothes Shopping?: The Results

So for yesterday post I created a survey/poll. I asked how many people made a decision on an item of clothing based on colour. I already figured people would say yes, and all 8 people did.


What surprised me though, about the results for the reasons why ‘yes’ was chosen…


Every answer more or less the same.
People shop for the colours which suit them the best.

For me, because of my rosy skin complexion, blonde hair and blue eyes, I tend to suit red and green more than any other colour. Darker haired people however, tend to go for darker tones or brighter colours.

I guess from the results colour is a big decision maker.

Make sure guys, that you choose what you want and don’t let others influence.

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Is Colour Important To You When Buying Clothes?

Marsala: Pantone® Colour of The Year 2015

It is that time of the year again! Well…it came out last year but I still wait till January each year to find out what the colour of the year is. This year it is Marsala. Pantone® describe the colour as;

“a naturally robust and earthy wine red which enriches our minds, bodies and souls”

It does indeed, enrich my mind, body and soul. I would die to have this colour in my house. It would make a perfect chimney breast feature wall colour, along with making the room feel warm and inviting.


ProductImage (1)

So, yet again Pantone® has excelled in the colour world! Here’s to Pantone® colour of the year 2016!

You’re All I’ve Got…

Hoggle: “Why did you say that back there, about me being your friend?”

Sara: “Because you are. You may not be much of a friend, but you’re all I’ve got…”

Labyrinth (1986)

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Bold Statement Colours: ’80s Style

The 1980’s/’80’s/Eighties, is one of the eras that everybody recognises instantly. People saw a big change in the social, economic and industrial economies. There were also changes within the music, fashion, interior and motor industries. Products became bigger, better and bolder. One of the main recognisable factors of the era were the colours and patterns which had crept through and changed from the 1970’s. The psychedelia was out and the bold colours came in, but the patterns stayed similar.

Fashion and interior design were the main categories to be hit by the colour ‘bomb’ or ‘explosion’.

As the video of Olivia Newton Johns’ music video; Physical (1981) shows, there was a demand for plain, bold, block colours. Neon pinks, blues, greens, yellows and oranges mixed to make a bright and vibrant clash.

Bright coloured leg warmers also became popular after the take-off of the 1983 dance film ‘Flashdance’.

Interiors saw brightly coloured pieces of furniture, similar to the picture below.



Below, are some various different colour palettes which I think should belong in the ’80’s!

ColorFresh_3 PaintedBrights


I have always loved the bold clashes…I just wish I could pull more of them off fashion-wise!


Monochrome & Colour Splash Style Fashion

This week I have received February’s edition of Elle UK Magazine and whilst flicking through the pages, I just so happened to notice that my favourite colour scheme has made yet another eye-catching impact in the fashion world. I thought it was worthy of a post as part of this weeks ‘theme’

The new Summer 2015 collection by Dolce & Gabbana is simply STUNNING!

It is definitely my favourite collection so far.  It is not just the black and white that makes it stand out though. The subtle colours on the striped dress make it ‘pop’ even more than it already does.

I also love the black heels too!

wpid-imag0228_1.jpg wpid-imag0227_1_1.jpg

(photos taken from Elle UK Magazine issue February 2015)

What are your thoughts on monochrome fashion?…Do you Love it?…or Hate it?…or maybe undecided?…